About Infrastructure Bank

The Infrastructure Bank PLC (formerly known as Urban Development Bank of Nigeria Plc) was established in 1992 under Decree 51, as Urban Development Bank Ltd. with the mandate to foster the rapid development of infrastructure across the country. The Bank is a private sector-led, but Government sponsored Development Finance Institution (DFI), with an ownership structure comprising: the three tiers of Government (Federal, State and Local Governments), the Nigeria Labour Congress, and the Private Sector block with 69%.

As such, TIB is able to effectively deliver the necessary social, institutional and regulatory framework support needed for infrastructure development, while the Private sector provides management, technical and operational expertise cum efficiency, crucial to navigating the stormy waters of infrastructure development in an emerging economy such as Nigeria. In line with its establishing Act, the Bank has the mandate to raise and manage funds for infrastructure development projects in the country. Thus, the Bank provides custom-made financial solutions to projects in its focus sectors namely: Transportation, Power & Renewable Energy, Mass Housing and District Development, and Urban Infrastructure and Municipal Finance projects. The Bank also lends its expertise to contribute to discourse on development strategy, with associated policy formulation and guidelines.